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Lobster fanatics can hardly wait to indulge in their feast so they want to know how they can speedily get to cooking live lobster. You’ve come to the right place, Maine Lobster. To avoid the head-scratching, we’ll now show you exactly how you can do just that.


It’s as easy as boiling eggs! However, this is the fastest cooking method and you can’t neglect to keep a close watch on your pot. The outcome of overcooked lobsters is that they become chewy and not as flavorful. So, timing is essential for total enjoyment and a delectable mouthful of goodness.

Why take the chance? Let’s do it!

  • Get your large pot of water ready, adding about one-quarter cup of sea salt per gallon of water, or seawater if it’s available.
  • A four- or five-gallon pot can accommodate six to eight pounds of lobster, without crowding them. Bring the water to a rolling boil.
  • Start your timer and boil for eight minutes for each pound of lobster. Large lobsters may be bright red after cooking yet not be fully cooked, so it is advisable to follow the recommended time.
  • Boiling also allows the shells to be easily released as compared to other methods of cooking.

When properly cooked the flesh should not be translucent, but have a white, healthy, vibrant appearance.

This method yields more tenderness and flavor and timing is less rigid, so there’s a bit less concern about overcooking when steaming lobsters. The differences are really not critical but perfection may be considered with the connoisseur in mind.

We’re ready to steam!

Pick out your large pot so your lobsters can all fit comfortably. Crowding may cause uneven cooking. A four-to five-gallon pot can easily accommodate six to eight pounds of lobster.

  • Add about a quarter cup of sea salt to each gallon of water, or if available, add seawater. You can speedily get to cooking live lobster!
  • Put a steaming rack inside the pot and bring the water to a rolling boil over high heat.
  • Now carefully add each lobster, one by one. Cover your pot and immediately start timing. Each pound cooks in ten minutes.
  • Cautiously lift the lid halfway through the cooking time. Turn lobsters to allow them to cook evenly.

When lobsters are fully cooked they turn a beautiful, bright red. However, the best indication that they are thoroughly cooked is that tantalizing ready-to-eat white that you see, when all translucency is completely gone.

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