What Sauces Go with Lobster?

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lobster with soup sauce


Lobster is one of those foods that certainly doesn’t need anything else to go with it to make it taste better. It’s a far cry from a hot dog or an unseasoned chicken breast. Fresh lobster from Maine brings out all the delicious flavors of the sea on its own without needing another ingredient to complement its taste.

But that doesn’t mean you need to stay away from the sauce. Sometimes, the right sauce pairs with lobster so perfectly that it’s like a match made in heaven. If you’re looking for a little something to elevate your next lobster dish, then try these on for size:

The Number One Sauce for Lobster: Garlic Butter Sauce

We all know butter is a staple with lobster. Plain old melted butter used as a dipping sauce for lobster is all you need to get rich, silky flavors when you eat lobster meat on its own. 

Garlic butter is even better! Garlic and lobster go very well together, as do garlic and butter. Blend them together for a tasty and simple dish.

Other flavored butter can work here, too. Try butter flavored with other herbs, spices, and ingredients you love, like ginger or chili pepper. Or, blend some butter with fresh lemon juice (yet another classic pairing with lobster!). 

lobster with garlic butter sauce

Thermidor Sauce

You’ve heard of lobster thermidor, right? You can replicate the elevated taste of that dish without going into full chef-mode by creating a Thermidor sauce that you can use for dipping instead of smothering your lobster in it.

A basic Thermidor sauce includes white wine, lobster stock (we have instructions for that here), heavy cream, cheese, and some herbs and spices, like salt, pepper, and parsley. You can find several recipes for a simple Thermidor sauce with a quick Google search.

lobster thermidor

Wine-Based Sauces

That brings us to our next best sauce for lobster: a yummy, old-fashioned wine-based sauce. There are so many ways a wine sauce can go that you almost can’t go wrong. Grab your favorite white wine or champagne – both delicious pairings with lobster – and start experimenting.

We really love the idea of this honey garlic butter white wine sauce from Café Delites and this easy seafood wine sauce on Allrecipes.

lobster with wine sauce

The key to using sauces with lobster is to find ones that work together with the taste of lobster that won’t overpower it. Butter is always a good option because its silky, salty flavor works well with the more subtle seafood taste of lobster, while wine-based sauces pack a pleasant punch the elevates lobster even more than it already is. The above sauces are some of the best pairings for your favorite crustacean, but don’t be scared to experiment with spice, herbs, and even cheese-based sauces. 

Need some lobster to go with the sauce you want to try? We’ve got you covered. Head over to Maine Lobster House to order fresh Maine lobster today!