Why Maine Lobsters Are Considered Far More Superior To Others

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Hundreds of years ago, Maine lobster used to wash onto the shores and quite literally ‘litter’ the beautiful sand. So much so, that people didn’t even need to go fishing for lobster – they would just visit the 3-foot-high piles of Maine lobster that would be scattered all along the shores. Considered the “poor man’s chicken,” Maine lobster was not considered a delicacy until the 1900’s and it was just a simple North East kitchen staple for people who lived in poverty. This leads to the question – why is Maine lobster such a delicacy now, and why is it far more superior to all the other types of lobster around the world? Read on to learn more about Maine lobster and why we crave it so much.

What Exactly Is The Maine Lobster?

The Maine lobster (Homarus Americanus) is a type of lobster that is much larger than other lobsters around the world. It is also known as the American lobster, Boston lobster, Atlantic lobster, New England lobster, and Northern lobster. The Maine lobster is different from other types of lobster because they are bigger, with much larger claws, and they grow at a slower rate (this makes the meat of the lobster more firm and succulent than others). The cool temperatures of the ocean keep the salt from entering the meat of the lobster, so naturally, Maine lobster is much more sweet and tender compared to others. For these reasons alone, Maine lobsters are considered to be far more superior than other lobsters in warmer climates. Find your source of delicious Maine lobster by contacting Seafood University today – a simple and contact free way of getting your lobster fix sent right to your front door so you can enjoy it at home. 

Maine Lobster Is Far More Nutritious

Maine lobsters are not only absolutely delicious, but they are quite healthy and make for a very nutritious meal. Of course, if you want it to be its healthiest, you have to go easy on the butter (we know – difficult). Maine lobster is considered far more superior to other lobster types because it is lower in cholesterol, saturated fats, and calories compared to other types of meat in general. In addition, it is such a great source of protein – this is why it was considered the “poor man’s chicken” in the 1800’s, and even rationed out to Civil War soldiers and canned to be preserved longer. Maine lobster is also a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which in studies have shown to reduce the hardening of arteries as well as reduce the risk of heart disease. Maine lobster is also high in calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, amino acids, B vitamins, and vitamin A. 

Maine Lobsters Are Easy To Get – They Are Fished All Year

Maine lobsters are superior to others, simply because they are easy to get a hold of. Though they might not be cheap, they can typically be found anywhere online or at most butcheries or markets – such as Seafood University’s best-selling and award-winning Maine lobsters. Maine lobsters are trapped all throughout the year and the best months to buy these lobsters usually range from late spring to late fall. New shell Maine lobsters are primarily harvested between late summer and early fall.

Live Maine lobsters are available throughout the year, with bulk catches ranging between summer and fall. Lobstermen, during the winter months, pull their traps to avoid storm danger. Therefore, they aren’t as easy to come by during the winter months unless you go to restaurants or order them online. Lobster prices are ruled by supply and demand, much like every other product in this world. This means that the prices of Maine lobster will differ – all depending on weather and how easy they are to trap. For the most part, however, you can rest easy knowing that Maine lobster is available to you any time you want it throughout the year, you just have to source the right places. Seafood University is one of the easiest ways you can order your Maine lobster and have it delivered right to your door – contact free. Their award-winning and highly spoken of Maine lobsters really are a catch!

They Are Simply The Most Delicious

Cold water equals sweeter meat – period. And you won’t find that in lobsters who grow in warmer ocean temperatures. The meat of Maine lobsters is so much sweeter because they grow in cold water. In addition, the cold water keeps Maine lobsters from absorbing the salt in the water. The size of your lobster also counts – and Maine lobsters have everywhere else beat – by a lot. The larger a lobster gets, the more delicious meat is in the tail – and the tail is definitely one of the best parts of the lobster to eat. Maine also has very strict regulations when it comes to catching lobster. They want the best of the best. Lobstermen are not able to catch lobsters that are too small or too large, with even stricter measurement regulations. This means you will always have the best tasting Maine lobster!

Final Thoughts – Maine Lobsters Are Simply More Superior

They just are. And for so many reasons, they will stay as being superior to rock lobsters or Canadian lobsters. These types of lobsters have less meat, they aren’t as tender, and they will definitely taste more fishy and saltier than the average Maine lobster. With this being said, you can safely make your bet knowing that if you purchase Maine lobsters, you won’t be disappointed. 

Seafood University provides you with the ultimate Maine lobster experience compared to anywhere else. What makes this program so great is that you will not only get large and meaty lobsters delivered directly to your home, but the overall experience of cooking and eating your Maine lobster will be (like we mentioned before) far more superior to eating any other type of lobster. Maine lobster is what we all truly want when it comes to size, flavor, and overall nutritional value. Contact us today for more information about our Maine lobster delicacies and how you can start enjoying 5-star Maine lobster meals in the comfort of your own home!