Surf & Turf Options and Delivery

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Imagine having both an unlimited supply of fresh surf and turf options and our surf and turf delivery service at My Live Lobster that assures prompt arrival time! These seafood options can be on your table quicker than you expect, for enjoyable moments with family and friends.

For time sensitive events like weddings, family reunions, graduation parties, birthdays, corporate events, and other important events, our reputation is par excellence  and we stand by our commitment to confirm and deliver your packages with exactness.

Here are some of the goodies that satisfy your expectations:

  • Hand picked lobster meat
  • Flavorful lobster tails
  • Appealing swordfish and tuna steaks
  • Smoked colorful salmon
  • Haddock fillets
  • Shrimp, clams, scallops
  • Maine Rock Crab meat, crab claws
  • Maine blue mussels 
  • Oysters
  • A hefty, well seasoned pan-seared prime USDA wet-aged filet mignon

To add even more goodness to these delectables are rich, hearty soups to keep you warm, and Cape Whoopies for dessert.

Arrival times are prompt

This is not your every day harvester or supplier. My Live Lobster is regarded as the number one in surf and turf options, and the people’s choice for service that ensures your package arrives as fresh as you’d expect from the dock to your doorstep.

How amazing to know that you can savor all the enjoyment of eating what you love both from sea and land at your reliable, one-stop source! Shipping directly to you is easy, convenient, and efficient.

Standard Shipping, Express Delivery, and Standard Overnight Delivery are available. More details about delivery can be seen here

Planning your meals is a breeze

With so many options and prompt surf and turf delivery service you can plan any meal you desire, including healthy salads with each meal:

  • Lobster Mac and cheese.
  • Steak and egg breakfast.
  • Lobster pasta with a wine sauce.
  • Grilled lobster tails with herb butter.
  • Smoked paprika shrimp with poblano polenta and maple syrup.
  • Beef Wellington with carmelized carrots sprinkled with herbs, and grilled broccoli.

Soups enhances a good meal

They are so easy to make–from a hot soup on a chilly winter day to gazpacho on a warm summer day. The list is immense. It’s also a great way to use your leftovers and combine them in imaginable ways.

You can’t go wrong by incorporating grains, veggies, legumes, fruit, and other edibles to make a great soup. The most gratifying thing about embracing soup is that it’s such a healthy addition to your meals. 

Research has shown that these are the most famous soups: cream of crab soup; french onion; cheesy ham chowder; white bean and ham; French onion, spicy Asian chicken noodle; corn and salsa tomato with bacon and avocado; and cabbage bacon.

  • Steak and crab cake dinner with a spinach and bacon salad.
  • Crab casserole with crab meat, cream of mushroom soup, and cheddar cheese.
  • Swordfish  and tuna fish dinners with rich tomato sauces.
  • Lobster and tuna dinners.

Maximum packing precautions are mandatory

Strong reusable insulated cooler with dry ice and gel packs provide the required temperature to guarantee freshness to your home or place of business. Our seafoods and steaks are vacuumed packed and flash frozen to capture the flavor (except live lobsters).

Every detail of your Shipping address should be accurate

We want to make sure that your incredible package arrives on time. When shipping as a gift to someone else, make them aware of the arrival date. In most cases this should not be a surprise gift, unless well planned ahead. Phone numbers and email addresses are helpful.