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The Maine Lobster Legacy

There is something about Maine lobster that makes people from all over the world come back for more, year after year. Once you understand more about the industry and what makes it so unique, it’s not surprising that Maine lobster is so highly revered, even thousands of miles away from Maine.

For more than 150 years, the Maine lobster industry has been a booming one. Throughout the decades, fishermen have learned the tools they need to succeed at lobster farming and harvesting, tweaking and improving their processes as they pass down their knowledge to future generations.

Interestingly, the industry hasn’t changed much in terms of authenticity. Harvesters still use traps to catch lobster, check them individually, and ensure that all processes are completed in a way that won’t harm the breeding population.

Maine lobster farming is typically a family affair, with techniques passing down to family members of each generation, giving it an unmatchable tradition that makes it uniquely special.


What We Look for in Our Lobster

What makes Maine lobsters stand out to us as ones we’d be proud to ship to our customers? Here’s exactly what we look for in every single lobster you purchase from Maine Lobster House:



We want only the best lobsters to reach your kitchen, which is why our harvesters look for perfection. Our fresh Maine lobsters are active, which is a sign of good health. They also fit within the industry guidelines of being a catchable size, with carapaces between 3 ¼-inches and 5-inches in length.


New Shell

Maine lobsters are incredibly delicious no matter what type of shell they have, but new shell lobsters are what we focus on. While hard-shell lobsters are caught all year ‘round, new shell lobsters have a specific season in which they’re most abundant, typically from mid-June to November.

These lobsters have recently shed their shells, leaving them with a softer body that lets the cold, salty Maine waters permeate through to the meat, tenderizing and flavoring through the season. New shell lobsters offer that strong, sweet taste we love about Maine lobsters.



Our lobsters are caught by fishermen who are experts in the industry. They check each lobster with their own hands and eyes to ensure that they’re the right size and that their catches won’t harm their communities.

Maine lobster fishermen know what they’re doing. They’ve had apprenticeships with industry veterans and follow strict practices daily to bring fresh Maine lobster from the coast to your table.


What You Get When You Order from Maine Lobster House

We at Maine Lobster House pride ourselves on keeping the traditions of the Maine lobster industry alive and bringing fresh Maine lobster to people miles away from the coast of Maine. Our fresh lobsters can be conveniently ordered online and shipped to your door within a few business days, carefully packaged to keep them live, from trap to table. Learn more about ordering live Maine lobster from Maine Lobster House.


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About Maine Lobster House

Maine Lobster House was founded to bring people all over the country only the best lobster from the coast of Maine. As part of an industry that’s been growing for 150 years, we take pride in every pound of lobster that gets delivered to your doorstep. Click below to learn more