Our Story

Maine Lobster House was founded to bring people all over the country only the best lobster from the coast of Maine. As part of an industry that's been growing for 150 years, we take pride in every pound of lobster that gets delivered to your doorstep. There's nothing quite like a Maine lobster hitting your taste buds, and our sustainable farming methods and trap-to-table processes ensure that those you get from us are only the tastiest, freshest, best quality lobsters your money can buy.

Maine Lobster House

We are dedicated to lobster. Maine lobster, that is. With every bite of lobster from Maine Lobster House, you'll be tasting the results of sustainable harvesting, top-notch training by lobster farming veterans, and practices that have been passed down for more than a century. We stick with tradition because we know it works to bring lobster fanatics the best meat in the business.

There's something to be said about a lobster from Maine, and we're here to make sure that everyone gets to experience its flavors. Our website makes shopping online for lobster convenient, fast, and affordable. We even offer Lobster Rewards to thank you for being our loyal customer.

Sustainable Practices and Quality Assurance

Every lobster you order is one that was caught through sustainable practices that have been practiced in the Maine lobster industry for generations. Our lobsters are caught the old-fashioned way, with traps and strict quality assurance procedures to ensure that only the very best of the bunch end up on your table.

We make sure our practices are eco-friendly, too, so that the natural habitat of our beloved lobsters isn't harmed through harvesting. Female lobsters get tail notches so that they are recognized breeders, and every lobster gets measured to see if they're within a catchable size range.

New Shell Lobsters: Only the Best for Our Customers

Maine Lobster House focuses on new shell lobsters, which are arguably one of the most delicious types of lobster that can only be found on the coast of Maine. These soft-shelled lobsters have just recently shed their shells for the season, making it easier for salt water to permeate them and tenderize the meat.

The result is juicy and sweet lobster meat and lobsters that are easier to open than their hard-shelled siblings. If you've not yet had a new shell lobster from Maine, then you haven't tasted an authentic Maine lobster.

Here at Maine Lobster House, we want to educate lobster enthusiasts and those who don't have much seafood experience. That's why we've created Lobster University, a database full of lobster recipes, cooking tips, and educational resources to make your Maine lobster experience the best it can be.