Ever wonder how the best way to cook up those succulent USDA Prime Steaks you just bought? Chef Bind shows us how to cook the Perfect Steak:

Video Transcript: How to Cook the Perfect Steak


Well here we are.  We have seasoned our steak beautifully. We have our USDA Prime Chicago Steak Company steaks right here ready for us, we will just put a little more seasoning on it because I like salt and I like the flavor of it.  So we have our heat right here that's at about 800 degrees so it is going to go very fast to build this beautiful crust right on top of your steak that you're looking for. Personally I like my steaks rare so it's about 140 degree internal temperature. You know the average person likes about 165 degrees which is going to be about your medium which is a perfect steak, just exquisitely melted butter and marbling in your mouth.

Look at this, don't you wish you could be here with me right now just so you can get a little bit of that smell? Mmm, you should get this, it is absolutely incredible. You can see the smoke coming out, it is building a little bit of crust, no fire, no flame, beautiful.  At the same time we have the oven that is on at 400 degrees just to finish the internal temperature.  We've had these steaks on about 5 minutes on each side since you can tell you are looking at about an inch to an inch and a half thick rib eye steak so it will take a little bit. We want to make sure that this nice crust is developing all around the steak and what we are going to do is we are going to actually put these steaks in the oven and finish them at a temperature of about 425 degrees for an additional 6-7 minutes.

So we pulled the steaks out of the oven, they have been in the oven for an additional 6 minutes, and as you can see we have this beautiful coloring and marbling and juices. What we want to do is we want to make sure we keep the steaks resting for an additional 2 minutes, just to give enough time for the juices to bind back inside the meat and to stay in there for you. As you can see right here we have this beautiful pinkish medium color, beautiful juices running out, this is what we are looking for. And as usual when we cut steaks somebody always shows up in the kitchen, so we have a special guest right here that is going to enjoy some of this beautiful USDA Prime Chicago certified steak. All you can expect at Chicago Steak Company, the best the ultimate the most fabulous steak. USDA Prime Chicago Steak Company. Thank You.