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Have a Large Gift Order? No Problem! At Chicago Steak Company we make it easy to place a large gift order! Large client lists, multiple shipping addresses, and custom packages - We have a variety of convenient ways for you to place your order.

Please include the following information when placing your order:

Your information

  • Your Name
  • Your Credit Card Billing Address
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Email Address

    Recipient Information

    • Your Name
    • Shipping Address
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    • Items to send (Item Number, Description, Price
    • Your Gift Message
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      Phone: 1-855-574-1181

      Ask to Speak with a Custom Order Specialist Today. They will provide you with further contact information including their email address to send future correspondence.

      Email: [email protected]

      For your security, please do not include credit card information in an email.

      Photo of Coach Ditka grilling the best Steak he ever hadPhoto of Coach Ditka grilling the best Steak he ever had

      The best I've ever had.
      You'll never find a better steak anywhere.

      Coach Mike Ditka

      Owner of Ditka's Restaurant

      Photo of Greg Grundberg with best BBQ smilePhoto of Greg Grundberg with best BBQ smile

      BBQ'd the most AMAZING #steaks from @MyChicagoSteak for the family.

      Greg Grunberg

      Actor, Star Wars: The Force Awakens

      Photo of Jim Johnson about the tenderest Steaks he ever ate!Photo of Jim Johnson about the tenderest Steaks he ever ate!

      The steaks were great...quite possibly the most tender I've ever had!

      Jim Johnson

      The Roe Conn Show

      What Makes Our Steaks the Best-Tasting Steaks You Can Find Anywhere?

      Top 2% of Beef

      We use only USDA Prime and upper 1/3 USDA Choice'the highest-quality beef in the U.S. They're the same amazing steaks you'll get at 5-star restaurants like Jordan's or Ditka's.

      Dry- or Wet-Aged

      How do you take an amazing steak and turn it into an exquisite piece of meat? By aging it to make it even more flavorful. Our aged filets are so juicy and tender you can cut them with a fork.

      Hand-Selected & Carved

      Each steak is carefully hand-selected and hand-carved by our expert butchers. Rest assured that you're getting a premier cut of the best beef available.

      Delicious Marbling

      Our steaks contain delicate marbling throughout that melts into the steak when you cook it, giving each bite a rich and buttery flavor.