The Maine Lobster House Difference: Why Make It Maine?

The Maine lobster legacy ramped up almost two centuries ago when lobster became a popular delicacy in America, but its farming history dates back to the 1600s with the earliest English settlers. Maine's first commercial lobster fishery opened in the mid-1800s, and the industry's fame and popularity hasn't slowed down since.

What makes the Maine lobster so different from other lobsters and seafood? It comes down to these factors:


It's always quality over quantity in the Maine lobster industry. Each Maine lobster is freshly caught, with care, one trap at a time. The processes used today have evolved from the first farming trips, but much of the basics remain the same. Lobster harvesters still use their hands and traps to do the tough work of catching, measuring, and inspecting each Maine lobster they catch to ensure that only the very best end up on your dinner table.


The Maine Lobster fishery is a model of resource sustainability for over 150 years. Sustainable sources = fresher and better-quality seafood. Through careful farming methods, Maine lobster harvesters take care to not harm the lobsters' natural habitat, reproduction process, and lobster health. Each catchable lobster must fall within strict length requirements and reproduction regulations to preserve their habitat and community and make sure that each catch is of farm-to-table quality. Harvesters new to the industry work through apprenticeships with veterans to learn about each and every sustainable practice.


The lobster industry is serious business in Maine. In fact, it's the way of life for many Mainers, especially those directly and indirectly involved in lobster farming. That's why we support the coastal community - including bait, restaurants & processors. It takes a village to preserve the integrity of the Maine lobster industry, from keeping the waters clean to processing lobsters for sale, and we're proud to be one part of this incredible, tight-knit community that's a true gem in the United States.

New Shell Lobster

The Maine lobster industry prides itself on harvesting new shell lobster. These lobsters have just shed their shell and are more tender and sweeter from becoming marinated with Maine seawater. Their shells are also easier to open with bare hands, which can make eating them even more of a treat. Although any Maine lobster is pretty special, the new shell lobster has something about it that keeps lobster lovers continuously coming back for more.

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