Here at the Chicago Steak Company, we pride ourselves on offering the best-tasting steaks you can find online anywhere. The USDA Prime steaks you get here are the same ultra-high-quality steaks that are served at a 5-star steakhouses. How do we do it?

Basically, by doing everything our competitors don't do.

And it all starts by having the right partners.


To get the best-tasting steaks, you have to start with the right animals, give them the right feed, and raise them in the right conditions. It all begins with the breed, which is why all our steaks come from high-quality Angus, Kobe, and Wagyu. But there's more to a steak than just the breed. The cow's food and climate plays a big role in the quality of the steak.

Our cattle are raised throughout the midwest from eastern Nebraska to western Wisconsin, and from northern Missouri to central Minnesota. This is the best of the Corn Belt, which means that the grass and the corn is much sweeter and protein-rich than other areas of the country.

To sum it up, we use the best genetic animals, in the best region of the United States, given the most nourishing food available in the country. Is it any wonder, then, that we end up producing the best-tasting steaks you've ever had?


The #1 mark of a superior steak is the internal marbling within the meat itself. This marbling melts into the meat when you cook it, which is what gives it that rich, buttery flavor that just melts in your mouth. But it's important to understand that not all marbling is created equal.

Some companies will artificially inject marbling into their steaks before shipping. This bizarre method of marbling creates an inferior and unnatural steak. And unfortunately, most people don't even know this is happening.

Rest assured that here at the Chicago Steak Company, all our steaks are 100% naturally marbled. That means that our cows live longer, fuller, happier lives--which is what allows them to develop that delicious internal marbling.


Another aspect that sets Chicago Steak Company apart from the competition is the quality of our cuts. Unfortunately, many people don't know exactly what this means.

Many grocery stores and bargain-basement steak sites will cut corners in cutting their steaks. They'll leave on that external fat, gristle, and connective tissue to make their steaks seem bigger. Unfortunately, when you buy an 8oz steak from these websites you're really only getting 5oz of steak and 3oz of fat and gristle.

But at the Chicago Steak Company, we make sure each and every steak is hand-cut to give you a piece of meat with 100% delicious steak. We remove any inedible or less desirable portions from our steaks to ensure every bite of your steak is as delicious as the last.


By now you can tell that we put a lot of extra effort into making our steaks the best you can find anywhere. Does all this extra work pay off?
We think so. And so do many of the top chefs in the country.

In 2015, Chicago Steak Company beat seven of America's top steak purveyors to win the 'People's Choice' award in the Great Steak Debate, a competition hosted by Iron Chef Marc Forgione at American Cut Restaurant in New York.