Sustainable sources, fresher seafood

One of the best things about ordering from Maine Lobster House is that our lobster comes only from sustainable sources. Maine is known for its marine resources, but the processes that our harvesters and suppliers use to bring our lobster from trap to table ensure that no lobsters, nor their habitats, are harmed.

What Sustainability Means to Us

Sustainability is another way of saying eco-friendly. The sustainable practices of the Maine lobster fishing industry have remained similar to their beginnings centuries ago. Since then, lobster fishermen have learned new ways to improve sustainability to protect the integrity of the lobster communities we hold so dear.

Our harvesting processes include:

  • Checking every lobster for size requirements. To be catchable, Maine lobster carapaces must fall within 3 '-inches and 5 inches, ensuring that they've grown to adult size and protecting the largest, best breeders in the communities.
  • Regulations and limits for trapping and harvesting. Every harvester must abide by laws set in place by Maine and lobster zones to avoid catching more lobster than allowed. Farmers must also only use traps to catch lobsters and are not allowed to disturb communities by diving or any other means.
  • Apprenticeship. All novice harvesters must train with veteran harvesters to learn the regulations, limits, and processes necessary to continue sustainable practices.
  • Tail notching. Notching the tails of females with visible eggs signals to other harvesters that she's a beneficial breeder for the community and, therefore, cannot be caught. The Lobster Seed Fund also buys back any female who releases eggs after being harvested to place her back into the community.

What Sustainability Means for You

How do our sustainable practices affect you as a consumer?

You'll purchase only the best-quality lobster and get peace of mind knowing that Maine's lobster breeding stock stays intact for generations to come. Through our protective processes, the lobster communities have only the best breeders available to continue to grow healthy lobster populations in their natural, undisturbed environment.

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